Make your first $100K by attracting 10-15 DREAM clients at $200+

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"But can I really make $100K in a 1:1 cash-pay therapy practice alone?

You probably fall into one of two categories.

You're sick and tired of providing excellent care and feeling like you're just getting by.


You want to expand beyond 1:1 therapy, but need to hone in on core business skills before you do.


Regardless of which category you're in right now...

  • You know you get results and should be charging more, but you're petrified to raise your fee
  • Your niche could be clearer and tighter, but you don't have the slightest clue how to refine it
  • You want to try video marketing on Instagram, but don't know how to even begin

To add insult to injury, you didn't learn how to run a business, making you feel overwhelmed.

Here's the truth: you only have to focus on THREE things to make your first $100K, and I'll teach you how.

"But no one will call me if I niche down - it's too specific!"


Over 12 months, I will teach you how to:

  • Create a fee structure that allows you to make your first $100K and offer reduced fees if you desire
  • Authentically and uncomplicated-ly refine your niche so your dream clients are unequivocally clear that you're the one for them
  • Leverage video marketing and Instagram as a business tool to attract and book fully committed and highly aligned clients at the $200+ fee level, without constantly being on the app
  • Create an efficient and intentional consult call process that allows you to book consult calls with qualified clients while you sleep
  • Set the financial and operational foundation to scale so that coaching program, course, or group practice you've been secretly thinking about can sustainably be a part of your business model long-term

"But if I raise my fees, my current clients will leave and I'm not getting any new ones!"

Qualification Criteria

We only work with therapists we can support with our program objectives and coaching approach.

This is for therapists who:

  • work in their own, independent private practices (i.e. have full control over their fees, marketing, and who they see)
  • have been working in their own private practice, whether full or part-time, at least 1 year
  • already have a mostly cash-pay practice (51% or more of their income comes from cash-pay clients)
  • believe that booking clients at the $200+ fee level is possible for them
  • are ready to employ active marketing strategies in their business (i.e. social media, video, etc.)
  • take personal accountability, seek feedback often and implement quickly

This is not for therapists who:

  • do not work in their independent practices
  • are brand new to private practice (less than 1 year), thinking about being in private practice or unsure about when they'll work in their own practices
  • have a mostly insurance-based or reduced-fee practice (i.e. 51% or more of their income comes from insurance/sliding scale)
  • don't want to use social media as a business tool
  • want to be rescued and coddled. We will coach you through mindset blocks, not enable the very behaviors that are keeping your business stuck

"Can I make my money back from investing in this program?"

Program Structure and Format

  • 12 months access to the 6-Figure Healing StrategyCurriculum
    This program is designed to teach you how to refine your niche, attract full-fee clients, and make your first $100K in a cash-pay practice. The curriculum is written like a recipe, teaching you how to achieve the program's promise, step-by-step.

  • Three Group Coaching Calls Per Month
    Our group coaching calls are designed to help you move forward - whether it's strategy-specific support or a mindset block you can't metabolize into inspired action, we're here to support you every step of the way.

  • Personalized Text-Based Coaching in between Group Coaching Calls
    You never have to wait for a group coaching call to receive support. Submit your questions or challenges, and we'll help you move forward within 24 hours.

  • Content Data Analysis
    You will submit your content data/performance for review. This is where we will look at your metrics, evaluate your niche and refine as needed, critique your messaging and analyze your copy.

  • Highly-Curated Members-Only FB Group
    Surround yourself with a group of therapists who're working towards the very dreams you have. Stating that your new fee is $300 will be celebrated here, not shamed or questioned. This is a community where you will ask questions, get support, generously share, and meet new friends who are on your mindset level.

  • 1:1 Business Energy Reading
    Everything is made up of energy, including our business. Participants will have access to 1:1 Energy Readings with Josie, where she'll tap into the energy of your business, what might be blocking it and opportunities for it to blossom.

  • Integrative, Holistic Business-Building Support
    You'll also have access to quarterly breath-work and guided meditation sessions with expert healing artists to clear and cleanse your energy and that of your business, gain increased clarity, and gain momentum on our goals.


This 5-figure, year-long group coaching program is not cheap - it's not designed to be.

The almost 100 therapists we have already coached have added tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue so they know our methods work. 

You'll learn about the investment and payment options during the application process, and that's on purpose.

Considering price without understanding what you're actually getting for that price opens the door for limiting beliefs to sabotage you.

For this reason, we designed our application process to help you understand what you stand to gain from the program.

Once you're clear that you want to buy what we're selling, and we're clear that we can help you, you'll have the opportunity to enroll.

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We are committed to impact and results.

We are 100% committed to closing the gender and racial wealth gap among therapists in business.

By joining our program, you are inherently committing to disrupting the status quo, and you won't do it alone. We're committed to curating and cultivating a community of therapists who deeply embody this belief, and a space where you will not only get business support, but will also feel seen, heard, and celebrated for wanting more from your career and life.

We are also 100% committed to helping our clients get results.

In fact, during the first 3 months we'll be watching you like a hawk. If you aren't actually doing the work, we'll ask you to leave the program and you'll lose your opportunity to transform your business and life. That's how committed we are to the integrity of this program.

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Results. Testimonials. Receipts.

Consults to Clients

An intentional and automated consultation process that books clients

Booking clients at a higher fee, despite fear

Transitioning clients from low/insurance fees to full, cash pay fees

Booking full fee clients by confidently communicating your fee

Refined niche statement, increase in revenue by $15K, automated systems that provide organic market research (win, win!)

Doubled their fees...and client didn't bat an eye.

Booked clients at full fee, despite the client's initial ask to use insurance.

Booked full fee client because of clear niche statement and messaging.

Therapists throw the word "ethical" around when they feel insecure.

Let's face it, therapists might generally be nice people, but they can be shaming when it comes to private practice building differently.

Some will say you're unethical for charging $200+, not taking insurance, or that you're greedy for making money off "vulnerable people."

But let's call a spade a spade - your courage makes these therapists uncomfortable, and it might be easier to project their insecurities onto you.

Not here.

The therapists in the 6-Figure Healing Strategy all desire to be 6-figure earners. When a therapist shares a $15K/month financial goal or booking a $250 client, they share how they did it and the community celebrates them.

They are (beyond) generous with their feedback and insight, and aren't afraid of vulnerability. They are comfortable saying "I don't know," "this feels really hard," or "I'm stuck, help."

We understand that our businesses are mirrors for ourselves, facilitating massive personal transformations.

This is why an intentionally-curated, safe community is a top priority for us.

Meet CEO and Founder, Josie Rosario, MSEd , LMSW

Welcome folx!

I'm a NYC-based licensed therapist, Intuitive, and business coach who specializes in guiding private practice therapists to make their first $100K in a cash-pay solo practice.

In grad school, it was clear to me that I was expected to do this work in one of a handful of ways, and private practice wasn't one of them...at least not any time soon.

In fact, I was shamed and made to feel like less of a social worker and a "sell out" for desiring time and financial freedom while helping transform lives.

I felt so much anger...and turned it into action.

I took business courses. I joined the Columbia Entrepreneurship Lab. I got a business coach. I put everything I learned into practice and achieved a full, cash-pay caseload and $100K in revenue with less than a year in business. A few months later, I had a 100+ person waitlist (during a global pandemic).

When fellow therapists started to reach out, asking to pay me to teach them how to achieve results like mine, I created the framework behind the 6-Figure Healing Strategy.

After replicating these types of results for almost 100 therapists, there's one thing I know for sure: you can do good in the world and extremely well for yourself, while having integrity and being aligned with your values and beliefs.

My team and I will show you how.

Answers to your Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?
A: The program is designed to help you make your first $100K in a cash-pay solo practice if you follow our framework and are consistent.  You can start to see an increase in your income within 3 months. That said, the rate at which you get the result is proportional to the rate of your consistent implementation.

Q: Do I have to get on Instagram to participate in the program?

A: Our framework calls for organic video content on social media to create visibility, market your services, and create/build an online community of folx who want to hear your unique perspective on your niche. If you're not willing to get on video, our program is not for you.

Q: Why do I need to be in business for a year?

A: Our programmatic data over the years has shown that therapists who get the best results have been in practice for about a year. We can extrapolate that this is a function of the confidence that comes with time, and that they have made a lot of foundational decisions (i.e. EHR, intake paperwork, etc) that create the capacity to focus on their business at this level.

Q: Why don't you work with therapists who have 50% or more of their monthly income come from insurance?

A: Our framework is VERY experiential, and requires a lot of flexibility as you figure out what works best for your particular business. Insurance creates a time and financial constraint that you can't control, making it challenging to maximize our program.

Q: How much is the program?

A: $15,000 if paid in full or $1,500 per month for 12 months if paid via a payment plan ($18,000 total). All clients, whether they pay in full or use the payment plan, are automatically enrolled in a monthly membership after the initial 12 months. They can cancel their membership with 30 days notice. This membership is designed so that you can make an informed decision toward the end of your contract. You might not need our support for another 12 months, but perhaps for another 3 months. Or, you might've gotten everything you needed after the initial 12 months. No matter where you are, you have options that fit your needs, and we designed our pricing structure to support that.

Q: This program will probably be the first high ticket investment in my business after grad school. Is this worth it?

A: A more helpful question is to ask yourself - what important and concrete thing do I stand to gain from this program (i.e. $100K, community of like-minded therapists, direct access to program creator, etc).  Then ask yourself, is it worth it to me to invest $10K+ to get that result? 

As a frame of reference,  you probably invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your graduate degree.  Was it worth investing, say $80K, in your education to make $50K a year? Probably not.

Considering price within the appropriate context helps you to make decisions from an awake and aware place, not from a wound or limiting belief.

Q: When is the next enrollment period? I don't think I'm ready; now isn't the right time.

A. We believe ready is a choice. We simply can't plan for the “right time” because we still can't foretell the future :) If you're considering the next enrollment period, chances are that you're either scared or unclear about the value the program provides. 

 If you're unclear about the value the program provides, please send us a DM or email so that I can provide you with the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

If you're feeling scared, this is to be expected! Betting on yourself in this way IS scary, and feelings aren't facts. You can do scary things (you already have!)

Ask yourself, if I don't take action now, what will it cost me? For example, if you need to be making $120K to live, pay your bills, pay your loans off, save for vacations and retirement, but you're making $50K, not taking action to close that gap is costing you $70K. Cost isn't always financial - not taking action can cost you time, energy and even your health.

Note that we will not be offering the 6-Figure Healing Strategy or any other program for therapists after this enrollment.

Q: I know charging $200+ and making $100K+ worked for you and other therapists, but is it possible for me?

A: It is 100000% possible for you. I don't know you yet, but I know that without a shadow of a doubt. However,  in order for us to coach you, I do need you to believe it as well, even if it's a tiny bit…and even if you're scared out of your mind and have never done it. Otherwise you'll resist our support, and that's unhelpful to us both.

Q: Money is tight - can't I just DIY this part of my business?

A: There are certainly things you can DIY as you're building your business. Getting to your first $100K isn't one of them. This level and type of radical growth, without having to trial and error your way over many years, requires a proven roadmap, personalized implementation support, and a strong community.

Q: I prefer a 1:1 coaching container vs. a group container for business building. Do you offer that?

A: Grad school is a group experience, in part, because of the rich experiential learning that happens when brilliant minds come together.  Same idea here. If you're concerned about falling through the cracks or not getting the personalized attention you need to make your first $100K, we have built in processes on the back end for high accountability and support. If you meet us half way, we've got your back! Plus, our program offers group and 1:1 coaching from me. We've thought about it from all angles - we got you!

Q: When are the group coaching calls?

A: Tuesdays at 12p EST. You have more than enough time to move around whatever other commitment you have at this time to maximize your investment.

Q: Can I see what will be covered in the curriculum?

A: This information is provided once you decide to apply and go through our application process. We do this to protect our intellectual property. Our objectives above give you a high-level overview of what's covered. If there's something you want to learn in particular, let us know during the application process.

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