Not sure how to connect with aligned clients who will gladly pay your full fee?

Yes, they *do* exist!

You're not alone.

You love what you do, but you're burnt out and resentful because you're overworking and undercharging. You want to be a good, accessible therapist, but you can't figure out how to do good and do well for yourself. You know you should probably raise your fees and get off of insurance panels, but the guilt, fear and lack of business guidance keeps you stuck.

I have two questions for you:

Are you willing to do the work (i.e. work through the discomfort that comes with business-building) until it works?

What's greater - your fear of not doing "what's right" or your fear of not living in your purpose?

I help solo practice therapists attract aligned clients and achieve $8-10K months without insurance.

Hola! I’m Josie Rosario,
a NYC-based licensed therapist and business coach who specializes in helping private practice therapists build aligned and profitable businesses. My work, however, is anchored by something bigger than money. As an industry that is made up of more than 70% womxn-identified individuals, my goal is to help close the gender and racial wealth gap among therapists in private practice.

Send me a DM and tell me what you're looking for support in!


How can we work together?

Therapist Marketing Lab

I work exclusively in my group coaching program, the Therapist Marketing Lab (TML), where I teach solo practice owners how to attract aligned clients and achieve $8-10K months. Want to explore if I can help you with the problem you're trying to solve?